Task shortcuts are a quick way to add a lot of information to a task while you are typing out the title. 

You can use the shortcuts anytime while writing your task and as soon as you type a symbol (e.g. @) or keyword (e.g. due) that matches a shortcut a helpful menu appears with a selection of options. 

You can select an option with your mouse or by pressing the arrows on your keyboard to select one (enter/return to select).

Marvin support the following shortcuts:

  • Add task to the top of the list: shift + enter
  • Send task to inbox from the "My day" input bar: type "#inbox"
  • Add a due date: type "due next month", "due next week", "due 2017-08-19"
  • Schedule task for a specific day: type "+tomorrow", "+2017-08-19"
  • Add a label: type "@easy"
  • Assign task to a category or project: type "#Work" (category), "#Midterm Paper" (project)
  • Add time estimate: type "~30m" or "ca. 1h"
  • Add task to a specific section: type "!morning"
  • Add priority level to task: type "*Red Star"
  • Plan task for week or month: type "&Next Week"
  • Load a saved task or project: type "load" and press spacebar

Why are some shortcuts not working?

The strategy that enables the shortcut is likely turned off. 

Go to the strategies and turn on the strategy you want to use.

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