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Will Marvin fix my procrastination problem?
Will Marvin fix my procrastination problem?
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Many features in Marvin are specifically designed to improve procrastination. But procrastination is a complex issue and simply storing your tasks in Marvin is not going to transform you into a productivity monster overnight.

No doubt, if you struggle with procrastination and getting things done, Marvin will be a HUGE help. But to tackle procrastination you also need to understand why you procrastinate and learn some specific tools to deal with it. 

Our procrastination bootcamp is designed to help with all of that (coming in 2019, reserve your set now). 

We will also release more resources on how to overcome procrastination specifically. Sign up to your newsletter to get notified when we release free tools and resources.

Also reach out to us or the community (in our secret fb group for members) when you feel like you are not making improvements so we can help guide you. 

And read through out best practices guide to make sure you are using Marvin in a way that minimizes procrastination.

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