Where to begin! 

Helping you get things done

Marvin uses clever strategies inspired by behavioral psychology research to actually get your tasks done and not just store them in a to-do app!


Marvin recognizes that different things work for different people. That is why it has a ton of unique features (and more being added all the time!) that can be turned on/off. This allows you to build a unique productivity system that is tailored to your needs.

Day by Day focus

Marvin is centered around the idea of tackling your life one day at a  time. It is super easy to make a day plan in Marvin. This is hard to implement well with most other productivity tools even though it is one of the most universally helpful productivity strategies.

User Focused

Most apps love their users, but since we are a small team and have decided to not have a free plan, we take extra care to make our users happy as each and every one of them supports with their hard-earned money. Plus, we truly love our users as they help us make Marvin better all the time. :)

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