Procrastination Count

Get an exclamation mark added to a task for each day you delayed it

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How does the procrastination count strategy work?

As soon as you schedule a task to a day, that first schedule date gets noted. 

When the procrastination count strategy is on it will always calculate how many days ago this "first schedule" date and add an exclamation mark for each day to the front of the task title. 

The exclamation marks are orange at first and after 3 days turn red.

Is there a way to remove the exclamation marks?

The only way to get rid of the ugly marks is to complete the task. Even unscheduling with keep counting up the marks. 

How can I see how many exclamation marks a task has?

Hover over the marks to see the number of days this tasks has been delayed.

Number of days procrastinated when hovering over procrastination counts

How to not show the exclamation marks if the task is in a bonus section

In the strategy settings you can turn on a setting that hides all marks from a tasks that is in a section titled "BONUS" in your day view.

Display settings 

There are 4 different ways in which procrastination counts can be displayed:

Default - Shows a mark ! for each day procrastinated. Hover to see exact number.

Count - Shows one mark and the number of days procrastinated (!6).

Minimal - Shows one ! when procrastinated 1-10 days, two !! for 11-20 days and three !!! for > 20 days procrastianted.

Just one - Always shows just one ! whenever a task was procrastinated (hover to see count).

Showing differences between procrastination count display settings
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