Zapier Integration

Learn how to connect Marvin to thousands of apps with our Zapier integration.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that allows thousands of different of apps to talk to each other. You can create automatic workflows where an action in one app triggers an action in another app. 

How does Marvin integrate with Zapier?

Right now Marvin has a simple Zapier integration that allows you to create tasks inside Marvin based on triggers in other apps. 

It is currently not possible to have triggers start inside Marvin (e.g. whenever you complete a project, it does XYZ in another app). But this is planned.

What other actions do you need in our Zapier integration?

Need a specific action? Let us know! 

How can I connect Marvin with Zapier?

First, accept the invite to Marvin's Zapier beta here:

Click to accept and get started:

Next create a new Zap by clicking the button at the top-right of your Dashboard:

Since Marvin doesn't yet support Triggers, first choose another app as your Trigger, like Google Calendar:

In this example we will create a task when an event is created:

Choose your google account and be sure to Test the connection:

Next choose one of your Calendars:

After Zapier pulls in data, we can search for "Marvin" as an Action.  Be sure to choose the latest version:

Currently the only available Action is to create a new Task:

Click "Connect an Account" to link up your Marvin account.

You can find your Zapier token at or in the Zapier strategy settings:

Paste this code into the authentication window to connect your account:

Choose whichever fields make sense for you, and be sure to choose the "Event Begins" rather than the "Event Begins (Pretty)" for the Schedule For field, then click Continue at the bottom.

Send a test and make sure it works (you should have a new Task in Marvin!), then click Finish.  Name your Zap and click the switch to turn the Zap on.  You're all set!

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