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See stats on your completed tasks

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Stats can help us see patterns and get a better picture of how we are doing.ย 

To see stats on the tasks you have completed in the past, go to the menu at the top right and select "Archive & Stats"

Right now we only have graphs about the number of completed tasks. But we are working on a whole bunch of other interesting stats. Stay tuned! :)

Completed tasks stats

Days in week

The default bar graph shows you how many tasks you got done each day this week (total task count at the top of each column).

The colors are taken over from your main categories. You can hover over the individual parts of the column to see how many tasks per category you completed that day.

You can navigate to previous weeks by hovering over the graph to reveal the left arrow button.

Days in month

You can also see all the days in a month by selecting the "This month" option in the top middle:


You can also see a summary of each week by selecting the "Weeks" option.

Seeing the exact date

Hovering over the numbers at the bottom shows you the exact date.

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