Day Progress Bar

Visualize your task completion for the day.

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Turning this strategy on shows you a progress bar at the very top of your page. 

Every time you check off a task from your daily list the bar gets bigger. The bar spans the entire width once every task is completed.

Hovering over the bar

Hovering over the bar shows you exactly how many tasks you have completed and what percentage of you total that is.

Day Progress Bar Settings

Checking if you are behind with the time mark

Showing the time mark creates a small vertical line that indicates how much of your day has passed already based on your work hours which you can set in the settings.

So if you set your work hours from 8am to 4pm and it is currently 12pm (exactly half way through your work day), the line will appear right in the middle of the bar. 

This lets you gauge if you are behind on your day plan. When your work day is half way over you should have approximately half of your tasks completed. 

Alerting you when you are behind

You can choose to have the bar appear red when you are behind.

Calculations based on task duration estimates

If you are using the time estimates strategy to give a duration to each of your tasks you can turn on a setting in the day progress strategy that calculates your total completion based on the estimates to give you a more accurate idea of your progress for the day:

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