This strategy can only be used along the time tracking strategy. 

Time targets are all about setting daily goals for yourself to meet. 

So let's say every day you want to spend at least 90min on marketing your business or every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you want to spend at least 60 min doing something for your health. 

You can then set up those targets based in the strategy settings like this:

Targets can be set for any category or project and even per label ("add label target").

You can also set up different targets for the same category or label by just using multiple rows:

Don't forget to click "save" when you are done! :)

Changing or deleting targets

Targets can be deleted or changed anytime. To delete a target hover over the row and click the trash icon that appears on the right.

Targets in the day view

Your targets show up as progress bars each day like this:

As you track time on tasks the progress bar goes up.

Hiding and showing the targets in the day view

If you do not see your targets in the day view they are likely hidden. You can show/hide them with the target icon on the very right of the screen. The menu shows when you start moving your mouse on the very right of the screen.

Coming up

  • Weekly time targets
  • Targets based on # of tasks instead of tracked time (day and week)
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