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Pin a task and schedule a copy of it instead of the original task

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Pinned tasks are helpful for tasks you want to do multiple times but not at a regular interval (you could use recurring tasks for those).

How to pin a task

To pin a task, make sure the tasks you want to pin is unscheduled. Find the tasks in the Master List or Search List and hover over it. 

Click the edit icon (cog) and then click the pin icon at the top.

A faster way to pin a task is to add the "Pin" action to Right-click menu/Hover button actions and then use the "Pin" button to pin them.

How to know when a tasks is pinned

A pinned tasks will have a pin icon underneath the title.

What happens when you schedule a pinned tasks

When you schedule a pinned tasks into a day, you schedule a copy of it.
The original pinned tasks stays in your Master List.

A good way to schedule pinned tasks is to create a smart list using *isPinned advanced filter, open it in the sidebar and then drag & drop a pinned task into the day to schedule a copy of it.

If you're not sure how to set this up please contact support and we'll help you out!

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