Saved Items/Templates

Have a task, group of tasks or project you need multiple times? Use templates/saved items.

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With this strategy (☰ → Strategies) you can save projects and tasks and then load them anytime later. 

This is great for a project or task that you want to reuse. 

Think of the saved item as a template that you can then reuse again and again.

How to save a task or project

To save a task or project, click on the edit icon (cog) of that task/project and click the save icon (floppy disk) at the top.

How to load a saved task or project (template).

Master List - column view

One way to load a project into your Master List (column view) is to click the plus button at the top of the column and then select "Load project".

Master List - list view or column view

To load a task or project, first create a new empty task or project (through the menu above, plus/flag button at end of column or using shift + t/shift+p shortcut) and then type "load " followed by a space. You will then see a dropdown menu with your saved tasks/projects respectively.

Day view (and other input bars)

You can load a task into your days directly by typing "load " into the task input bar and selecting a saved task from the dropdown.

What gets saved?

These properties get saved:

  • labels

  • note

  • parent project/category

  • time estimate

  • subprojects (saved project)

  • subtasks

  • priority stars

  • frogs

  • reward points

Any date related property (due date, planned week/month) does not get saved. 

Setting default parent Category/Project

By default, when you save a task or a project, its parent is the default parent. For example, if you have a task in #Work category and you save it, the next time you load it, it will be automatically assigned to #Work.

You can change this in the Saved Items organizer (☰ → Saved Items) by clicking on the "Choose default parent Category/Project" button when you hover over a saved task.

Editing a template task or project

To edit a template task or a project, just load it, make changes and save it again. When you click on the save button you will be asked if you want to overwrite the saved item.

Deleting a template task or project

To delete a saved item, go to ☰ → Saved Items (Saved Items organizer) and when you hover over an item, you will see the delete icon on the right.

Reordering saved items

You can reorder saved items by dragging and dropping them.

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