Reminders (Notifications)

How to set reminders (notifications ) for tasks

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Turning on this strategy allows you to set a reminder for a task.

How do reminders show up?

Desktop and web app
Depending on which browser you use to use the Marvin web app or on which platform you use the desktop apps the notifications look and function slightly differently. 

This is how a notification looks on Chrome:

Usually you have to allow notifications for the first time they try to pop up. 

You can often configure if you want there to be a sound etc. in your local settings.

If you have the Marvin mobile apps installed on your phone and are logged in, you will also get push notifications for the reminders.

How to set a reminder for a task

You can set a reminder for on any task by including a specific time in the title of the task and then clicking the time (the time will be a colored link).

You can then select if you want the reminder to show exactly at the specified time or anytime before that:

Don't forget to save your reminder:

You can tell that a reminder is set if there is a little clock icon that appears next to the time.

Set automatic reminders

If you want there to be an automatic reminder every time you include a time in a task title, turn the auto-reminder setting in the strategy setting on.

Can you set multiple reminders for a task?

Not yet. But we are extending the reminder functionality soon to include multiple reminders.

Why do I keep getting reminders even after turning off the strategy?

Reminders are scheduled ahead of time and it's not practical to check whether the strategy is on before delivering each reminder. Turning the strategy off therefore only prevents the creation of new Reminders. You can delete all scheduled reminders by opening the mobile app and going to ☰ → Account / Settings → Reminders.

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