Reward Tasks

How to use the reward tasks strategy

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The reward tasks strategy allows you to turn regular tasks into reward tasks.

A reward task is a task you get to do as a reward. It can be anything that feels fun and rewarding to you. 

A reward task will have a rainbow border at the top.

How to create a reward task

To create a reward task use the shortcut symbol * to select the reward property. Or type out *reward. 

When creating a task in the day view you can also click the little gift icon on the right to create a reward task.

How to turn a task into a reward task

You can turn any existing task into a reward task by clicking the title to edit it and then adding the shortcut *reward. As soon as you type the * symbol you can click the autocomplete menu to select the reward property.

How to turn a reward task into a regular task

To undo the reward property, simply use the * shortcut again on the reward task to turn the task back into a regular task.

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