How to turn features on and off with Strategies

How to customize Marvin

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Strategies in Marvin are optional and customizable features that allow you to create a tailored experience.

How to get to the strategies overlay

Press "S" on your keyboard from anywhere to get to the strategies.

Or use the menu at the top right in the day view to open the strategy overlay.

Each strategy is displayed as a card in a grid:

The strategy card has an image, a name, tags, a quick description and an on/off button. 

Some of the strategies also have settings and you can get to them by clicking the cog icon.

How to learn more about a strategy

Click on the card to read more about the strategy. 

For each card there is a link to the help center article with details on how to use a strategy. 

Many of them also have a video (working on more videos! ;) )

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