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Learn how recurring tasks work

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What are recurring tasks?

Recurring tasks are tasks that get automatically created by Marvin and scheduled to specific days based on a pattern you set. 

So for example you can set up a recurring task so that every Monday a task called "Open mail" shows up in your day list.

Or every day you get a task called "Morning routine" with specific subtasks in your day list.

How to add recurring tasks?

There are two ways you can create a recurring task: 

Turning an existing task into a recurring one

If you have already created a task that you want to show up automatically in your days on a specific interval, click the edit icon button and then the recurring icon at the top to make the task a recurring one.

Creating a new recurring task in the overview

Another way to add a recurring task is to go to the "Recurring Items" overlay in the  menu at the top right of your screen.

There you can see all your current recurring items and add new ones. 

The recurring task creation dialog

Recurring items in the Master List

The "parent" recurring task shows up in your Master list like this:

They are not actual tasks that you can complete but the "template" that gets used to create real tasks that get scheduled into your day. 

The created recurring tasks do not show up in your Master List, just the parent task (see image). 

You can edit the recurring task by clicking on the edit icon to open up the dialog:

The three dots icon lets you see which tasks are scheduled:

And finally you can put a recurring task on pause with the pause icon. All recurring task instances will then be hidden and no new ones created until you resume this recurring task.

Recurring task indicator

In the settings you can specify if you want recurring tasks that get created for you to be marked as such. 

They will then have a recurring task symbol underneath the task title.

Clicking the symbol allows you to edit the recurring task pattern/parent template by opening the recurring task dialog.

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