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Does Marvin work well for GTD methodologies?
Does Marvin work well for GTD methodologies?

Wondering if you can use Marvin if you use a GTD approach to productivity?

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Yes! Marvin works very well for a GTD breakdown. 

Here are a few bullet points as for why:

  • Distinction between action steps (tasks) and projects (project).

  • Unlimited nesting to organize projects and tasks

  • Built-in weekly review

  • Alerts for projects with no next steps

  • Smart Lists to show only next steps of projects

  • Inbox

  • Backburner to move any someday/maybe projects out of immediate view, can also be used as a tickler file

  • Note for each category to create a tickler or someday/maybe list

  • Built-in calendar to schedule any tasks that need to be done on a specific day

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