In the settings you can disable sync completely or just for specific categories. 

This is useful if you want to use Marvin for work and personal tasks, but your company requires you to have anything work related on a company computer only for security reasons.

How to turn off sync for a category

To turn off sync for a category go to the settings (through the top right menu) and find the sync setting. Click on it to open it. 

Then choose the category you want to disable sync for from the dropdown selector.

You can choose as many categories as you want. They will show up above the selector and you can remove them by hovering over them and clicking the trashcan icon on the right.

Where does data live if it is not synced?

It is important to understand where your data lives if sync is disabled so you don't accidentally delete it all! 

Using the Marvin web app

If you are using Marvin through a web app, all the data lives in your browser. 

This means that if you go to on Chrome and add tasks to the category that is not synced there and then go to the web app on Safari, the tasks will not be there. They live in the Chrome browser on that computer. 

It also means that if you delete the local Chrome data, your Marvin data for that category will be gone! Yikes!

Using the desktop apps

If you use the Marvin desktop apps, the data from non-synced categories lives in your local file system. This is generally much harder to delete than some browser data and a safer option. However, if your computer gets stolen or the hard drive breaks so that data can't be recovered from it anymore, your data will be gone too. To help with this, we recommend doing regular backups and storing the backups on another local hard drive, USB stick or on a cloud storage provided by your company. 

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