Let's say you have a recurring task to "Clean up for 30min" and you want this task to always show up in your "evening" section

This is possible by selecting a default section in the recurring task dialog.

What if I use multiple section strategies?

It only shows you the sections that you have currently turned on! 

But it saves your preference. So if you set a recurring task to "evening" but then in another section strategy you select "essential", it will remember to go to evening if you turn those sections back on. 

Why can't I set the default section for time blocks?

If you are using time block sections you can't make recurring tasks automatically go to a section the same way as time block sections are dynamic and changing every day. 

But with the new time block update coming soon you will be able to define parameters for time blocks, so Marvin has a better idea of what you want to go where.

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