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How can I see a list of all Marvin shortcuts?
How can I see a list of all Marvin shortcuts?

You can see the full list of Marvin shortcuts right inside your app.

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To see a full list of Marvin shortcuts, click the ? icon at the top right and then click on Shortcuts.

After clicking the button a panel slides out on the right side that lists all the shortcuts.

You can print the shortcut list by clicking on the "Print Shortcuts" button that you'll find at the bottom of the list. Close the panel with the X when you no longer need to see them. 

What kind of shortcuts are there?

Global shortcuts - These can be used anywhere no matter what overlay is open in Marvin (e.g. Master List, day view etc.)

Task Input shortcuts - These are used to quickly add data to a task. Type them anywhere in the title of a task, either when creating or editing a task.

Note editing shortcuts - These are formatting options for your notes.

Overlay specific shortcuts - Each overlay has some unique shortcuts in addition to the global ones.

You can also find the list of all shortcuts here: List of all keyboard shortcuts in Marvin

How to see shortcuts for the current overlay

Whenever you are in an overlay (Master List, Dashboard, Planning, My week etc. ) you can click "?" on your keyboard to see the shortcuts for that overlay.

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