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How to add due dates to a project with a deadline.
How to add due dates to a project with a deadline.

You can add a due date to any project that has a fixed deadline.

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There are two ways to add a due date to a project.ย 

Adding a due date via the edit button

When you hover over a project, click on the edit button (cog icon).

Then click on "Choose date..." underneath "Due date" and pick a date to set the deadline for your project.

Adding a due date with a shortcut

You can also add a due date to an existing project by clicking the title/name of the project to edit it and then start typing the word "due".ย 

You will then see a menu pop up with autocomplete options:

How to use the due date shortcuts

You can use the following shortcuts to specify a due date:

  • 30d (due in 30 days)

  • 4w (due in 4 weeks)

  • 1m (due in 1 month)

  • 2018-12-31 (due on exact date you specify)

You can use this shortcut to quickly add a due date/deadline to a project when creating it or anytime when editing the project title.

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