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Super Focus Mode (SFM)
Super Focus Mode (SFM)

Focus on one task at a time

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The super focus mode is a helpful way to get your daily list done without distraction and you can enable it by going to ☰ → Features/Strategies → Super Focus Mode.

In super focus mode, you can only see one task at a time. This helps you to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by any of the other tasks you have planned for your day.

Opening the super focus mode

To switch to super focus mode, click the focus mode button in the dropdown menu at the top of your list:


You can also use the shortcut "F" on your keyboard.

Marking tasks done

Once you've finished the task, click the checkbox or press "D" or the return key on your keyboard.

The task will be checked off on your list and moved to "completed tasks". 

The next task automatically appears

Skipping tasks

To skip a task click the skip button at the bottom left or use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the tasks.

The tasks loop around, so if you reach the end of the list it will go to the first task again.

Task order in super focus mode

The order of the tasks shown is the same as the order you have in your daily list (top to bottom).

Automatic time tracking

If you are using the time tracking strategy, the timer will automatically start for the current task in super focus mode. 

The little spinner on the right indicates that this task is being time tracked.

You can pause the time tracking by hitting the pause button on the bottom right or pressing "P". 

To resume time tracking, click the play button that replaced the pause button.

TIP: Using the SFM on a tablet

If you have an iPad or tablet computer it's a great idea to have Marvin running on there while you work. Entering the super focus mode and placing it next to your computer will always remind you what you are supposed to be working on at the moment.

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