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What are conflicts (Sync Health Check)?
What are conflicts (Sync Health Check)?

No worries, conflicts happen. Here is what they mean

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What is a conflict?

A conflict means that Marvin has two different versions of a datapoint (task, setting, project etc.) and it's unclear which one is the current one.ย 

Conflicts happen when data gets changed in different ways in two different places.ย 

How do conflicts happen?

When you edit something in Marvin before it has fully synced, conflicts can happen. This is the most common way conflicts occur.

Can I resolve conflicts?

The conflict resolver is currently in beta. Email us if you want to help us test it out.ย 

Do I have to resolve conflicts?

Not necessarily. Marvin does not break when there are conflicts. But depending on the conflict it might lead to some funky behavior. If you notice a recurring task showing up that you deleted for example, this might be due to an unresolved conflict. But most conflicts are not noticeable.

In general, it is a good idea to try and resolve them to keep the database clean but it's not necessary to keep using Marvin. ย 

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