If you feel like your data does not sync across devices properly (what you change on your computer, does not get changed on your mobile app etc.) you can do a sync health check to see what is going on with your sync.

The sync health check is accessed through the "help & resources" menu item at the top right. Then select "Sync Health Check" to perform the health check. 

You then see something like this:

Items that have a green check mark are healthy and anything that has a red triangle is causing a sync issue. 

In this case there is no Internet Connection so Marvin can't sync. 

But there is also something wrong with the user and password account. 

As a rule if there is something not OK and you are not sure what it means, scroll down and send us a message through the contact form and we can help out: 

Submitting a message through this form automatically sends us you sync health check.

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