How to backup your data

Backup/export all your Marvin data (tasks, projects, labels etc.)

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Doing a backup of all your data is always a good idea. But even without doing manual backups, Marvin stores local copies of your data in the browser you are using or your File system when you are using the Desktop app, plus there is a copy of your data on our sync servers when sync is enabled.

To perform a backup, go to the account page through the menu at the top right:

Going to Amazing Marvin account page

At the top select "Backups":

Going to the Backups tab in Account

Marvin will automatically select tasks and projects from all of your categories in the Master List. If you wish to backup tasks and projects only from some categories, you can first deselect all categories and then check the ones you want to backup.

You can also backup any settings you have and other data such as Smart Lists, Day Notes etc. by checking all the checkboxes at the bottom:

When everything is selected click the "Backup" button at the bottom to download all your data.

Make sure it is downloaded

You might have to give permission to your browser to download the file.

How to restore?

See this guide for restore instructions.

Exporting your data as a JSON file

If you'd like to save the backup file as JSON, just uncheck the "Compress backup" setting.

Saving backup as JSON
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