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Who is the Team behind Marvin?
Who is the Team behind Marvin?

Get to know us.

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Written by Christina
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Well, this will be a short article. At the moment the Amazing Marvin team consists only of two people:

  • Christina

  • Mark

OK, three if we include Marvin...

We are a husband/wife team and work together on making Marvin truly amazing. 

About Mark

Mark is a programmer who is responsible for the insanely clever Marvin code architecture that allows us to pump out new features and improvements at lightning speed. 

About Christina

Christina is responsible for the product design (aka she comes up with how things work and look), marketing, support and helps out with coding. She is a massive procrastinator and originally created Marvin to help herself while she was running a business with her sister. She loves helping people and is passionate about productivity and health.

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