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How to add, edit and remove attributes to recurring tasks
How to add, edit and remove attributes to recurring tasks

How to add priority stars, frogs, labels, time estimates to recurring tasks

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Let's say you have a weekly recurring task. If you are using time estimates as part of your workflow you would want that task to always have the same time estimate and perhaps a frog or star. Or you might want to add subtasks or a note that always shows up with this recurring task.

How to add attributed to recurring tasks

It's important that you add any attribute to the parent task so every instance of the recurring task has it and not just an instance of the task in your day.ย 

Each recurring task in your day is independent of the others, so if you just edit a recurring task in your day view, the change only applies to that specific task.

To edit a parent task, find the recurring task either in the Master List or in the recurring tasks overlay (accessible through the menu on the top right) and click on the edit icon (pencil) to open the recurring task dialog.

To add an attribute (star, frog, time estimate, label) to the recurring task use the task input shortcuts.

To add a time estimate, click on the title and add the estimate with the "~" symbol like above. After pressing enter the attribute gets added.

To add a note or subtasks, hover over the task and click the button on the right:

Removing attributes

Depending on the attribute you can remove it like this:

  • remove a time estimate by overwriting the current estimate with "~0m"

  • remove a label by clicking the label underneath the task title

  • remove a star/frog by clicking the checkbox that appears underneath

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