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Help: Marvin is not loading
Help: Marvin is not loading

Marvin just keeps on running

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If Marvin seems to be stuck running on your screen it means that the app is not able to load.

Not enough memory

Usually this is due to your computer/browser having run out of memory. Marvin needs some free memory to run and if you have a lot of tabs/programs open there sometimes is not enough left for Marvin. 

Clearing some memory

The best way to free up some memory is to restart your computer. And then make sure you close some applications that are not in use right now and close some tabs if necessary. 

This should free up enough memory to get Marvin started.


If you are trying to access Marvin from work, sometimes company firewalls prevent Marvin from loading or sync from occurring. If you can access Marvin on private machines but not at work, this is likely the cause. Check with your IT department if they can whitelist Amazing Marvin.

Check console for errors

If the Amazing Marvin web app  is not loading for you, check the console if there are any errors and send us an email to Here is how to do this:


So far we only had a short downtime of Marvin once. This is a very unlikely event. If you tried all the steps above and still experience an issue go to our fb community to see if Marvin is down for everyone or reach out via email.

Any downtime will  be resolved very quickly.

Still not working?

If you restarted your computer and closed open applications/tabs as much as you could and Marvin is still not loading please get in touch with us:

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