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How to format text in notes
How to format text in notes
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How to format the text in a note

The text in the note can be formatted in a variety of ways. Highlight the text you want to format and choose an option from the dialog that will pop up. Or use the shortcuts listed below. 

List of shortcuts:

Ctrl + S – Quick Save
Ctrl + Esc – Cancel edits since last save
Ctrl + Z – Undo
Ctrl + Y – Redo

Ctrl + C – Copy

Ctrl + V – Paste

Ctrl + X – Cut

Ctrl + B – Boldface

Ctrl + U – Underline

Ctrl + I – Italicize

Ctrl + Shift + X – Strike text (line through)

Ctrl + H – Highlight

Ctrl + K – Make link

Ctrl + Shift + 1 – Toggle big heading

Ctrl + Shift + 2 – Toggle medium heading

Ctrl + Shift + 3 – Toggle small heading

Ctrl + Shift + 7 – Toggle todo list

Ctrl + Shift + 8 – Toggle bulleted list

Ctrl + Shift + 9 – Toggle ordered list

Ctrl + ] – Toggle quote

Ctrl + Shift + \ – toggle code block

Ctrl + _ – Add divider

Alt + Shift + D – Insert current date

Alt + Shift + T – Insert timestamp

Alt + Shift + M – Toggle raw markdown

Using the shortcuts menu

Another way to format text in the notes is by using the shortcuts menu that can be activated by typing "/" in the note field, or by clicking on the small "+" button on the note's left side.

Creating tables

To create a table in your notes, you can either use the Table option from the shortcuts menu or manually format the text using the Markdown table syntax.

Paragraph formatting

There are three styling options for formatting your paragraphs: Info, Warning, and Important.

To use them, open the shortcuts menu and you'll find them at the bottom of the list.

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