Recurring projects
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Recurring projects are similar to recurring tasks but instead of creating tasks automatically, Marvin creates entire projects automatically for you based on a pattern.

Creating a recurring project

You can either create a recurring project in the "recurring items" overlay (click the menu at the top right) or you can turn an existing project into a recurring one by clicking on its edit icon (cog). 

Where do recurring projects show up?

Projects do not get automatically scheduled into your day the way tasks do since projects usually take more than one day to complete and you currently can't have entire projects in your day plan (we might change this in the future). 

So let's say you have a weekly recurring project for Mondays, Marvin will create the project in your Master List every Monday. 

We will add an alert soon so you get notified when a new project got created. 

For now you can schedule a specific task inside the project to automatically show up in your day on Monday (day of creation). 

How to automatically schedule tasks inside a recurring project

In the recurring project dialog you can click on the schedule button of a task to have it automatically be scheduled based on the project creation date. 

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