Due dates

Due dates get applied to tasks and projects when they have a strict deadline. 

This means a given task or project has to be completed by a certain due date (deadline), but of course want to do the actual work before this due date not on the day of (which is where do dates come in!).


  • Taxes have to be filed by a certain date
  • The school assignment is due on a specific day
  • The project at work has to be finished by a deadline

How to add

Due dates are added via the edit (cog) button on a task/project or with the shortcut "due":

  • "Project due 2d"
  • "File taxes 28.11.2018"
  • "Assignment X 10/02/2018"

Do Dates

Do dates are not that easy to find in other apps, but they make a lot of sense. 

A do date means the day on which you intend to "do" the task.

Think of it like an appointment in your calendar but with an optional time (you can specify an exact time, but don't have to).


  • "Call mom on Birthday +2.11.2018"
  • "First step of tax filing +11/20/2018"
  • "Ask boss about new project +Monday"

How to add

Do dates get applied through scheduling. Clicking the little calendar icon on the right of a task or projects let's you schedule your task into a day, giving it a "do date". 

You can also use the shortcut "+" to assign do dates.

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