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The difference between do and due dates
The difference between do and due dates

Scheduling something vs. assigning a deadline - a crucial difference

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If you want to get the most out of Marvin, one of the first things to really understand is the difference between a do and due date. But no worries. This is quite simple.

Due dates

Due dates get applied to tasks and projects when they have a strict deadline. 

This means a given task or project has to be completed by a certain due date (deadline), but of course want to do the actual work before this due date not on the day of (which is where do dates come in!).


  • Taxes have to be filed by a certain date

  • The school assignment is due on a specific day

  • The project at work has to be finished by a deadline

How to add

Due dates are added via the edit (cog) button on a task/project or with the shortcut "due":

  • "Project due 2d"

  • "File taxes due 28.11.2018"

  • "Assignment due X 10/02/2018"

Typing these task will automatically apply the specified due date.

Do Dates

Do dates are not that easy to find in other apps, but they make a lot of sense. 

A do date means the day on which you intend to "do" the task. This can also be called a schedule date as you are basically scheduling a task for a certain day.

Think of it like an appointment in your calendar but with an optional time (you can specify an exact time, but don't have to).


  • Making a to-do list for the day with the tasks you want to do

  • Calling someone for their birthday on their actual birthday

  • A specific day you need to enroll in something

  • Taking out the cardboard for the monthly cardboard collection (needs to happen on a specific day)

How to add

Do dates get applied through scheduling. Clicking the little calendar icon on the right of a task or projects let's you schedule your task into a day, giving it a "do date".

You can also use the shortcut "+" to assign do dates:

  • "Call mom on Birthday +2.11.2018"

  • "First step of tax filing +11/20/2018"

  • "Ask boss about new project +Monday"

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