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Work Session Scheduler
Work Session Scheduler
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Schedule a work session (pomodoro session) into your days to work on projects and categories.

If you like making a day plan but don't want to schedule specific tasks into your day ahead of time, this strategy is for you. 

It allows you to schedule a "work session" into your days. A work session looks like this:

It has a clickable time (e.g. 30m) that determines the duration of the work session and the structure "Work Xm on 'chosen project/category".

Scheduling a work session

To schedule a work session click the briefcase icon when hovering over a category or project.
If you click the briefcase in the scheduling sidebar it will place the work session into the day on the right (today in the example below).

If you do this from the Master List you can choose the date and length in a mini dialog:

Changing the default length of the work session

You can change the default length of your work sessions in the strategy settings:

Pick a length that is ideal for you to sit down, work on something in a focused way without needing a break necessarily. 

Clicking the timer link

When clicking the time in the work session a timer automatically starts and you are taken to the project/category overlay so you can get work done in a focused way.

If you have time tracking enabled, the task will start to be tracked automatically as well.

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