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Set a date to review a project or task

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Reviewing items (e.g. checking if you still want to do them, planning them for a specific week/day etc.) is an important part of many productivity systems (e.g. GTD).

With the review date strategy you can add a specific date to a task or project on which you want to "review" this item. 

On the date of review the item will get a "review" tag attached to it.

Adding a review date

You can add a review date through the edit button or with the input shortcut "review ".

Doing the review

Removing the review label

When you are done reviewing the item (whatever that means in your workflow) you can click the review label to remove it. 

Postponing the review

To postpone the review or schedule another review for an item you can just add a new review date. Holding the shift key while clicking the review label will bring up a menu to add the new review date:

Creating a review Smart List

When using the review dates we highly recommend creating a Smart List and using the Smart List alert strategy or custom sidebar to always be aware when something pops up for review.

You can create a Smart List with everything that is up for review by using the *review  query in the advanced filter (at the very bottom of the SL filter list) or create more complex lists by comparing reviewDate  with a date.

Automatic review dates with labels

If you go to the settings of the review date strategy you can configure to have labels automatically map to a review date in the future. 

For example, you can automatically add a review date for 10 days in the future to any item that you add the label "waiting on" to:

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