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Advanced smart list examples
Advanced smart list examples

Here are some advanced smart lists users have requested.

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  • starred tasks for the day I am looking at: scheduleDate selectedDate == *isStarred && 

  • tasks that are scheduled or due within two days where title tells me that I have to call someone: title:call title:telephone || scheduleDate 2d <= dueDate 2d <= || && 

  • EITHER a dueDate of today or tomorrow, OR an endDate of today or tomorrow: dueDate today == dueDate tomorrow == || endDate today == || endDate tomorrow == || 

  • Due or scheduled in the next 2 weeks: dueDate 14d < scheduleDate 14d < ||

  • Tasks with end date in the next 5 days, but not in a particular category: endDate 5d <= #"Blog Post Templates" ! && 

  • Everything in one category without a label and I want to exclude one subcategory: #inthiscategory @label ! && #subcategorytobeexcluded ! && 

  • Estimated time is <=30m AND EITHER unscheduled OR scheduled today: isUnscheduled scheduleDate today == || <=~30m && 

  • Items with no duration estimate >~0m !  

  • Task is frogged or procrastinated more than 5 days *isFrogged procrastinationCount 5 >= || 

  • Tasks that were created today: creationDate today == 

  • Tasks that haven't been updated since the day they were created: creationDate updateDate == 

  • Backburner items that have no dependency and don't have a start date startDate ! isDependent ! && *backburner && 

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