Marvin's calendar sync is still in beta and you may run into some issues while getting setup and syncing your calendar.

Help! I can't setup or sync from the desktop apps

Calendar sync currently isn't possible from the desktop or mobile app.  We will address this in a future update!  Make sure you set up and sync from the web apps for now.

Help! I can't add my google calendar - it fails to authorize

Normally when you setup a google calendar, a popup window will appear asking for permission to access your google account.  If you don't see this popup window, be sure that you aren't using popup/ad blockers or any other privacy browser extensions on app.amazingmarvin.  Firefox, for example, has a built-in popup blocker that you can disable like so:

Help! I'm asked to give permission several times each time I sync

Sorry :(.  This is a known issue and will be solved in a future update.  For many users this doesn't occur, and we suspect that it only happens when you've synced a calendar from your non-primary google account.

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