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Google calendar sync troubleshooting
Google calendar sync troubleshooting
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Marvin's calendar sync is still in beta and you may run into some issues while getting setup and syncing your calendar.

Help! I can't add my google calendar - it fails to authorize

Normally when you setup a google calendar, a popup window will appear asking for permission to access your google account.  If you don't see this popup window, be sure that you aren't using popup/ad blockers or any other privacy browser extensions on app.amazingmarvin.  Firefox, for example, has a built-in popup blocker that you can disable like so:

Help! It keeps telling me to authorize but still it doesn't work after that!

This can happen when you've blocked 3rd party cookies.  Firefox users: see the above screenshot for how to disable blocking for

Google Chrome users, click the lock next to the website's URL in the top-left corner of the browser window, and click Cookies.

Then select the blocked tab and unblock any cookies you see there.

If you're not sure whether 3rd party cookies on are blocked in your browser, or if you need help enabling them, please don't hesitate to contact support! 

Help! Some of my events show but not others

Marvin doesn't import transparent google events (those marked busy status "free"). The exception to this rule is that all-day items are imported, even if they are "free". So one common scenario is that you add an event in google calendar and it's all-day by default. Then if you give it a time but don't correct the busy status from "free" to "busy", then you won't find this event in Marvin! Why are "free" events not imported? By popular user request! If you are "free" during this time, then you're free to schedule things into your day during this time.

Help! The sync suddenly isn't working

If your sync isn't working and you get an error message like "Failed to sync calendar", go ahead and contact support from within Marvin. We'll probably ask you to follow this guide to check the console for errors. If you see an error message like "Not found", it may be caused by an event being deleted in google calendar but not in Marvin. We are investigating this and other issues, so please let us know yours so we can get it fixed ASAP!

Failed to load calendars

If you've un-synced and re-synced your calendars and always see a "Failed to load calendars" error, try the following procedure:

  1. Remove all google calendars in Marvin

  2. Go to -> Security -> Third Party Apps -> Amazing Marvin -> Remove Access

  3. Reload/restart Marvin

  4. Add the calendar again

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