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All you need to know about the workflow library

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The workflow library is an easy way to try out different setups without having to configure the strategies yourself. 

To get to the workflow library click the menu on the top right and click "Workflow library:

Saving workflows

You can save any setup you have by clicking on the Import/Export tab and clicking "Save workflow". You will be able to add a name, some additional data and configurations for the current workflow and it will download a file to your computer that contains the workflow. 

There are no tasks or projects saved in the workflow. It is purely about your strategy setups: which strategies are turned on/off and how they are configured with their settings.

The labels can be included optionally.

You can either save the workflow as a snippet or as a complete workflow. As a snippet anyone who loads the workflow will have their current setup untouched. With a complete workflow it starts from a clean slate and adds the workflow on top of that. 

Sharing workflows

You can share your workflow files with other Marvin users. You can email the file, put it up online for download or share it in our community.

Restoring workflows

To load a workflow that you saved yourself or downloaded from another user, click the "restore workflow" button and select the file. 

Any workflows you restore will be added to what you have already setup. If you want to start fresh and only get the restored workflow, delete your current setup first with the delete button.

Deleting workflows

Clicking the "delete workflow" button will turn off all the strategies and reduce the settings of the strategies to their default values.

There is no way to get your workflow back once you delete it. So make sure to save it first if you want to have it available for restoration later.

Workflow builder

The workflow builder is just a clean slate Marvin account that you can use to set up some workflows for sharing. Any items you add to it will get removed after a day.

Trying & rating workflows in the library

The workflow library is designed so that it is easy for you to try out different setups. If you come from another app that you liked, you can use that as a starting point with the app setups and modify from there. Or try one of the popular methodologies like GTD or 1-3-5 day planning.

You can rate each workflow so you know which ones you have tried and how they worked out for you.

Except for snippets, you can only have one workflow active at any one time. As soon as you try a different workflow it will revert whatever was turned on from other workflows. 

But no worries, smart lists are never deleted. And any tabs in the custom sidebar or custom squares that you added yourself will be hidden in the settings, not removed. This allows you to keep many of your own strategies turned on while trying workflows without too much hassle. If you are a purist and want to only have the workflow you are turning on active, save and delete your own workflow settings first.


Snippets are small pieces of a workflow. You can turn on as many of them as you want and they just add things to your setup.

Snippets might be:

  • smart lists

  • screens

  • alert setups (including smart list)

  • matrix setups


The app workflows mimic other to-do list apps as closely as currently possible. As we add more settings and features this will improve for some of the app workflows.


The methodology workflows include popular productivity techniques such as GTD, the Eisenhower prioritization and the 1-3-5 day planning method.

Marvin workflows

Marvin workflows are ones we came up with that work well with some of the unique features Marvin offers. We plan to add specific workflows for common professions.

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