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Adding Tax/VAT ID

How to add Tax IDs for your invoices

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If you subscribe to Marvin for your work/small business, you may wish to enter a Tax ID so that it will show up on your invoices.  This Tax ID can be entered in your Account page (in ☰→Account→Account→Update tax info):

First choose your Tax Type, like EU Vat, and then enter your Tax ID.  The format will depend on which country's Tax ID you are using.  If you need multiple Tax IDs, please contact support.

Here are some tips on formatting:

Austria: ATU12345678
Australia: 12345678901
Belgium: BE1234567890
Bulgaria: BG123456789 or BG1234567890
Croatia: HR12345678901
Cyprus: CY12345678X
Czechia: CZ12345678 or CZ123456789 or CZ1234567890
Denmark: DK12345678
Estonia: EE123456789
Finland: FI12345678
France: FR12345678901
Germany: DE123456789
Greece: EL123456789
Hungary: HU12345678
India: 12XXXXX1234XXZX
Ireland: IE1234567WA
Italy: IT12345678901
Latvia: LV12345678901
Lithuania: LT123456789 or LT123456789012
Luxembourg: LU1245678
Malta: MT12345678
Mexico: XXXX123456XXX
Netherlands: NL123456789B01
New Zealand: 123456789
Norway: 123456789MVA
Poland: PL1234567890
Portugal: PT123456789
Romania: RO1234567890
Slovakia: SK1234567890
Slovenia: SI12345678
South Africa: 4123456789
Spain: ESX12345678
Sweden: SE123456789012
Switzerland: CHE123456789MWST
UK: GB123456789

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