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Truncated List

Only see a fraction of your list at a time

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With this strategy you can truncate any list to a shorter subset of tasks. This helps you when you're feeling overwhelmed with a long list or if you have analysis paralysis. Complete your list in sets or have the truncated list be topped up immediately after checking one off.

To use this strategy click on the little elephant icon on the top-right of your list. You can use this in your daily list, smart list or project list.

Before you truncate your list you can configure settings to your liking.

List Size field tells you how many items the list will be reduced to. When reducing the list, there are two behaviors. With the "Top up" option, a new task will be added as soon as you've completed one. If you choose "Sets", you have to first complete all items, in this case, 3, before you're presented with a new set of tasks.

"Random" selection will pick tasks randomly while "Suggested" selection will pick tasks that are most important and most urgent.

To exit your truncated list and show the entire list click on the X button on the top-right of your list.

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