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Communication Screen

Screen of tasks like email, calls etc.

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By using this Workflow Snippet you can get a list of all your tasks that involve calling, emailing or reaching out to someone.

This workflow snippet uses the following strategies:

After you activate this strategy a new item called "Communication" will appear in your Sidebar. When you click on it, the following screen will appear.

For items to end up in one of these sections they should have one of the following words in their title:

  • Calls: "call" or "phone"

  • Emails: "email" or "forward"

  • Contact: "reach out", "contact", "tell" or "get in touch"

The capitalization of the letters doesn't matter and for an item to end up on one of these lists it must not be on the Backburner.

If you wish to add another word to one of these lists, you can do that by going to ☰ -> Smart Lists. There you can click on the pen icon to edit the list, go to the "Advanced" option and add another word. Don't forget to add || at the end.

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