Separate habits

Separate out habits from your to-do list

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With this snippet you can add a @habit tag to any recurring task that is more of a habit than a task. The habit tasks that are scheduled for today or overdue will show in the separate tab in the sidebar, while the habits are filtered out from your regular day list.

To activate it, go to ☰ πŸ‘’ Workflow Library πŸ‘’ Snippets πŸ‘’ Separate habits, and once it's activated, you'll see a new item in your sidebar called "Habits". When clicked, it shows the following view.

This workflow snippet uses the following strategies:

For items to end up on this list, they must have the "habit" label and also be either recurring with the schedule date being today or earlier, or be a normal task that is unscheduled.Β 

By using the "Persistent day filter" option, tasks that have the "habit" label are filtered out from your regular today list. Β 

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