This snippet let's you mark any task that is an event with either an @event label or adding it into any category called #Events. These events are then filtered out from your daily task list and show at the top in a mini list instead. 

This is a great alternative to using the events items (a strategy) as you can include this task events in smart lists, have them disappear from your day view once you check them off and keep a log on them.

Once there's a task scheduled for the selected date that contains the "event" label or is placed in the #Events category it will show up at the top, like on the following picture.

This workflow snippet uses the following strategies:

For items to end up on this list, they must have the "event" label or be in the "Events" category. The list selects items that have a schedule date equal to the day you selected in the main view. 

If you wish to change the icon that shows next to the title of the event, you can do that by going to the Strategies, finding "Top Mini List" strategy and clicking on the cog. 

By using the "Persistent day filter" option, tasks that have the "event" label or are in the "Events" category are filtered out from your regular today list.  

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