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Month List

Everything you want to get done this month

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By using this snippet you get a list of everything planned this month and another list for everything due, ending or planned this month. Use both or just one list by toggling the other off in the sidebar settings.

Once activated, you'll see two new items in your sidebar called "This Month", "This Month (All)". When you select "This Week (All)" it shows the following view.

These two links do the following:

  • This Month - shows items planned for this month

  • This Month (All) - shows items planned for this month, items with end or due date this month

This workflow snippet uses the following strategies:

To select correct items this snippet uses two smart lists. "This Month (planned only)" smart list is used for "This Month" sidebar link while "This Month (planned, end dates, due dates)" smart list is used for "This Month (All)" sidebar link.

If you're not sure how to assign your items a planned month or you want to remove one of these two lists from the sidebar check out the video. This video was recorded mainly for Week List workflow snippet but the same principle applies when using this snippet.

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