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How to download the desktop app despite blocked downloads
How to download the desktop app despite blocked downloads

For some reason, Google has blocked Marvin from downloading! Here's how to download it manually

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If you're on macOS and are unable to download Marvin due to Chrome or another browser blocking it, you can download Marvin manually like this:

Step one: Open Terminal.  You can either press cmd+space and type Terminal, or find it in Applications → Utilities

Step two: Paste the following into the Terminal and press enter:

curl -L -o ~/Downloads/Marvin.dmg 

Step three: Open your Downloads directory and double click Marvin.dmg.  You can then install as normal.

Worried about this being a dangerous download?

We have opened a support case with Google to determine why Marvin was flagged as dangerous.  If you are concerned you can try uploading it to, which scans for viruses.  Alternatively you can just use the web app, which has nearly all the functionality of the desktop app:

Stay safe!

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