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How can I disable a keyboard shortcut?
How can I disable a keyboard shortcut?

Find out how to disable individual keyboard shortcuts when they collide with important character input in your language.

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Sometimes Marvin's keyboard shortcuts can be inconvenient when they prevent you from typing commonly used characters in your language. For example, Polish users might with to press right alt + a in order to input ฤ…. Until we have full keyboard remapping support, you can disable individual shortcuts (per computer) as follows:

First press Spacebar to open the quick add bar. Then type "_disable shortcut Alt + A" and press Enter.

You should see a message indicating that the shortcut was successfully disabled.

This shortcut will be disabled on this computer until you re-enable it with "_enable shortcut Alt + A".

This can be done for any keyboard shortcut in Marvin. Use Cmd, Ctrl, Alt, and Shift for modifiers, and Backspace, Tab, Enter, Escape, Space, Home, Page Up, Page Down, End, Left, Up, Right, Down, and Delete for special keys.

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