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How to visually indicate tasks with tracked time
How to visually indicate tasks with tracked time

Using isTracked filter to mark tasks that have been time tracked

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Visually indicated tasks that have tracked time

To set this up, you'll need the following strategies:

Creating a Smart List

The first step is to create a smart list that will be used to select items that have tracked time. To do that, we'll use isTracked advanced filter. To create a smart list, click on the ☰ icon in the top-right, and go to Smart Lists. There create a new smart list using isTracked advanced filter that you can find at the bottom, under all other filters:

Adding isTracked advanced filter

Keep in mind that this filter is still experimental so some items might not end up on the list.

Creating a Line Marker

Now that you've created the smart list, by going to the ☰ πŸ‘’ Strategies πŸ‘’ Line Marker you can add a new marker and connect it to this smart list. By clicking on the dot next to the marker's title, you can change its color.

Line Marker strategy settings
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