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How can I recover data from my deleted account?
How can I recover data from my deleted account?

Contact our support team to get help recovering data after you delete your account.

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When you delete your account, all your data is deleted from our servers. But it still lives in the browser on your computer for up to a few months (until your browser cache is cleared).

Marvin has a data recovery tool you can use to backup this data. You can only use it in a browser where you used Marvin in the past. You will also need a special recovery link (Marvin needs to know what your old user ID was so he can know where to look for the data). Contact support ( and we will help you generate this link.

How to find deleted user ID?

If you've never contacted support through Marvin or you deleted your account more than a month ago, you might have to open your browser's dev tools in order to find your user ID so you can recover your account.

First right click, inspect:

Next choose the Application tab. You may have to click the » to see it:

Click to expand the IndexedDB section in the Storage part of the left sidebar, and send us a screenshot of all the contents there:

Using this info we should be able to generate a recovery link!

Don't want to contact support? Look for an entry like _pouch_u12345 in this list (i.e. starts with _pouch_u and ends with a number). Then try opening (replacing 12345 with the number from your entry).

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