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AzureAD App Registration
AzureAD App Registration

How to setup an App Registration within your company's Azure Active Directory for connecting Marvin with your organization's calendars.

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By default Marvin can connect to your Outlook calendars on its own. But if your organization needs more control over who can access what, then you can set up your own AzureAD App Registration and use that from Marvin.


First, go to AzureAD App Registrations and click to add a new registration:

Add a name, like "Amazing Marvin Calendar Integration", make sure a Multi-tenant account type is selected, and click Register (we'll setup redirect URIs later).

Branding (optional)

Click the Branding on the left and add a logo. You might use your company's logo here, or Marvin's, or some kind of mash-up. Here's a Marvin logo you could use if you like:

You may wish to configure the Publisher Domain so that it doesn't show as unverified when users go to login.


Click the Authentication tab on the left and then click to disable "Live SDK support" as Marvin doesn't use it. Then click "Add a platform". Choose "Single-page application" and then use "" as the redirect URI. Leave the Logout URL blank as this feature is not yet supported. Under the Implicit grant section, click to check the "Access tokens" and "ID tokens" boxes. Finally, click "Configure" to save your changes.

It's recommended that you click "Add URI" in the Single-page application Redirect URIs section and type "". This will let you continue to sync your calendar even when you're on our pre-release channel.

In order for calendar sync to work in the desktop app, you'll need to add another redirect URI. First click "Add a platform" (above the list of Redirect URIs we already added). Then choose "Mobile and desktop applications", and finally click the last option: "msalXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX://auth"

Click "Save" at the top when you're done.

API permissions

Finally, go to the API permissions on the left to give Marvin access to calendars. We currently recommend "User.Read" (for basic profile info), "Calendars.ReadWrite" (to read/write your events), "Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared" (to read/write events shared with you), and "MailboxSettings.Read" (to access your calendar categories). But adjust these as you see fit! Be sure to include at least "Calendars.Read", or else Marvin won't be able to do anything. To add Calendar permissions, click "Add a permission", then "Microsoft Graph", then "Delegated permissions". Click and type "calendar" to search, then select one or more calendar permissions. Click "Add permissions at the bottom when you're done to save your changes.

Pass this info on to Marvin

Marvin will need to know which Client ID and permissions to use. Click the Overview tab on the top-left and copy the Application (client) ID to your clipboard. Then in Marvin, open Strategy Settings → Calendar Sync → Settings → Add Calendar → Outlook → Setup with Azure AD.

Paste in the Client ID from above, and enter in the same permissions you chose above:

Sharing with other users in your organization

If other users in your organization want to use this Azure AD App, you can either send them the above instructions with your the app's Client ID and Permissions, or else click the "Copy setup link". This will link them to Marvin and automatically configure the settings you provided.

Custom Authority

Need a custom authority? Contact support from within Marvin and let us know.

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