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How to add confetti/fireworks to your sidebar
How to add confetti/fireworks to your sidebar

Sometimes it's time to celebrate

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When you complete a project in Marvin, there is a burst of confetti. Congrats! But this isn't the only time you should be celebrating. Marvin is always ready to celebrate with you, and to facilitate this, you can add a button to launch confetti or fireworks to your sidebar, bottom bar, custom text links, custom squares, or skinny sidebar. This guide will demonstrate how to add it to your sidebar, but the same steps apply for all these strategies.

First open ☰→Strategies and search for Sidebar. Make sure it's on, then go to its settings:

Scroll to the bottom and click "Add new item":

You'll be immediately prompted for the item type. Choose Internal Link from the list:

Next click "Choose internal link", then scroll down to the bottom and choose Confetti or Fireworks as you please:

Feel free to customize the title and icon as you like:

Your settings will be saved as soon as you close the dialog (by clicking or pressing Esc on your keyboard).

Click the button in the sidebar to celebrate!

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