Reward Point Smart Defaults

How to assign reward points to tasks and projects automatically

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If you're using the same heuristic every time to determine how you assign reward points to tasks and projects, you can save some time by using smart defaults. Smart defaults let you assign reward points to tasks and projects automatically based on whether they match certain conditions.

To do this, first setup some Smart Lists, then go to Reward Points strategy settings, and click to add a smart default.


Here, we've created Smart Lists for tasks that have certain time estimates, and assigned points for each:

You might also give each task with a frog 10 points, or tasks in MIP projects extra points.


The first Smart List that matches a task or project decides how many reward points it gets, so be sure to drag and drop these smart defaults in order to match the precedence you have in mind. For example, if I want all frogged Tasks, regardless of their length, to get 10 points, I would put this smart default above all the others. Otherwise Marvin would first check and see that the task is "short" or "25-45m long", or whichever it matches, and assign Reward Points based on that.

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