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Check off behavior
Check off behavior

Make checking off an item even more satisfying with sounds and visual effects

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By using this strategy, each time you complete a task or a project, you will see an animation and hear a sound. You can turn this strategy on by going to ☰ πŸ‘’ Strategies πŸ‘’ Check off behavior.

Task & Project completion sound and animation

In the strategy settings, you can choose if you want to hear a sound when you complete a task or a project, and if so, which sound will be played. The same goes for animations.

Additional animations can be unlocked by using the Marvin Points strategy.

Task and project completion sounds

Pro tip: Using "Lil' Buddy" completion sound is what Marvin pros do!

Changing the sound volume

At the bottom, you will find a volume slider where you can adjust the volume of the sound that gets played when you complete a task or a project.

Changing the sound volume
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