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List of features that aren't yet available on mobile
List of features that aren't yet available on mobile
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Feature parity across all platforms (desktop/web & mobile) is something that's being worked on, but for now, here's a list of differences between these two platforms:


- Delete scheduled reminders
- Toggle whether metadata is shown (main view and master list)
- Toggle whether completed tasks are shown in projects

- List of Reminders (can be made on web/desktop)


- Outlook calendar sync
- Calendar view
- Beat the clock
- Truncated list
- Task jar
- The wall

- Snooze (it's possible to have a list of Snoozed tasks)
- Change main view layout
- Project fullscreen

- Create/Edit recurring tasks
- Edit time track data
- Print lists
- Project shortcuts/Project focus picker
- Skinny sidebar
- Custom squares
- Custom text links
- Week Scheduler

- Planning Ahead
- Affirmations
- Procrastination wizard
- Dashboard

- Saved items

- Pinned tasks (it's possible to schedule & complete them)

- Top mini list

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