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How to find tasks created via email
How to find tasks created via email

Get notified when a task is created via Email to Marvin strategy

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If you're using Email to Marvin strategy to create tasks in Marvin, you might want to add some additional data to these tasks once they're added to Marvin. To easily find them, you can create a smart list that selects tasks created via email and then use Smart List Day Alerts strategy to get notified when you have new tasks created this way.

1. Create a Smart List that selects tasks created via email

To create a Smart List, go to ☰ → Smart Lists and create a new one. Then scroll to the bottom, click on the "Advanced" option and enter the following formula:

*numLabels 0 == #Inbox && *isUnscheduled && *viaEmail &&

This advanced formula selects all tasks that were created via Email that weren't processed, meaning they're in Inbox, and have no labels and are unscheduled.

2. Create a Smart List Day Alert

To get notified when you have a new task created via Email (especially useful if you set automatic forwarding) we'll connect the previously made smart list to a new smart list day alert. To do that, go to ☰ → Strategies → Smart List Day Alert (settings) and add a new alert, enter alert and button text and connect it to the smart list.

Creating a new smart list day alert

Once you have tasks that were sent to your Email to Marvin address, you should see an alert in your day view, like this:

Smart List Day Alert notifying user when there are new emailed tasks

Due to the way the advanced filter formula is set up this alert will continue showing up either until the next day or until you dismiss it. You can always dismiss it after you're done processing tasks as it will show up again when a new task matches the smart list's filter.

Using Icon Marker

Another option is to set up an Icon Marker that will add an email icon to unprocessed tasks that show up on the previously created smart list. To do this, go to ☰ → Strategies → Icon Marker (settings), create a new one and connect it to the previously made smart list.

Creating a new icon marker for emailed tasks

Doing that will show the icon you chose in the task's title:

Using Icon Marker for tasks emailed to Marvin

Having problems setting this up?

If you're having problems following these steps, or you'd like to modify the smart list filter but not sure how, please send an email to and we'll do our best to help you!

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